Here at The Gables Dental Practice our staff strive to meet all our patients expectations in relation to the level of service you expect to receive from your Dental Practice.

The Gables Team

Over the years the practice has developed a reputation for quality, care and sensitivity to patients needs. We are particularly fortunate to have a team of people working for us who have outstanding qualifications, abilities and experience.

Our reception staff are fully committed to overseeing your needs at all times and take a personal interest in ensuring patient satisfaction.

Our Practice Manager oversees the smooth running of the practice with an aim of providing an exceptional level of customer care to all patients. Should you have any problems please speak with the Practice Manager – we want to know about it immediately so that it may be rectified as soon as we can to your satisfaction.

Our nurses provide an exceptional level of care before, during and after treatment. Cleanliness and cross infection control are a priority and we not only meet all national guidelines in this respect but in many cases exceed these requirements to ensure your safety.

Our dentists will discuss in detail all treatment with you and a written treatment plan with costs will be provided prior to commencement. Our dentists are happy to answer any questions you may have. They will show you all x-rays and photos taken where appropriate in order to help explain why treatment is necessary and may use example models to explain what your treatments involve. Treatment may be arranged to suit your needs, so please discuss with our dentists your preference.

We are continually making improvements to the practice in order to meet the expectations of our patients. This has been confirmed by the Care Quality Commission as well, who have closely inspected our premises and interviewed staffed.

The majority of our patients come from personal recommendation and I hope you too will become a Patient who is proud of their Dentist.



Practice Manager


Dental Nurses