Orthodontics deals with the correction of irregular or crooked teeth by means of braces. It is creating the balance between good healthy teeth and better looking teeth, regardless of your age; after all: You Are Your Smile.

  • Crowded or irregular teeth
  • Gaps between your teeth
  • Difficulty chewing food
  • Unhappy with how your teeth look or with your smile – feel self conscious

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By having your teeth straightened you will benefit by:

  • Creating a healthier mouth and gums that is easier to clean and maintain
  • Having a beautiful smile, leading to better confidence
  • Teeth that bite together better, eating better and reducing the risk of breaking teeth
  • When can I have braces?

At the Gables Dental Practice we offer Invisalign or ‘barely’ Invisible braces

For those who don’t want people to know their wearing braces Invisalign may be the correct option.

Invisalign is a new way of straightening teeth, using a series of almost clear and invisible plastic removable aligners or as you may know it as mouthguards or shields, or retainers. These are custom made using 3D computer imaging. These aligners are clear, comfortable to wear at least 22 hours per day and should only be taken out when eating or drinking or cleaning your teeth.

Invisalign works without using wires or brackets.

Invisalign is not suitable for everyone, and more complicated cases may need fixed braces.