Dental Hygienist

Our hygienists work alongside the dentists to help you looking after the health of your teeth, gums and smile.

We now know that hygienists’ help and advise is vitally important to helping us all maintain good dental -whole body- health throughout life. (The evidence is now clear about links between heart health and dental health-so we can no longer accept that patients can neglect their gums, even for a day or two!)

They will clean and polish your teeth and will also advise you on the best way to brush and floss. our hygienists work with you on the skills, tools and techniques they need to remove what causes damage to your gums, your teeth …. and maybe the heart too! They will help you, your children and other members of your family to keep your teeth free of plaque and keep your gums healthy.

A visit to the hygienist is important to prevent the build up of plaque (a sticky bio-film of bacteria that forms on teeth). Plaque can cause bad breath, staining and lead to tooth decay. Bacterial plaque damage may also be painless and difficult to spot until the gums become inflamed and sore, so it is important to have regular screenings of gum health , to be aware of your risks of plaque damage, and to control plaque and prevent these problems.

You may be surprised to hear that more teeth are lost due to gum disease than tooth decay.

Plaque accumulation leads to tartar which, if below the gum line leads to gum disease. This is painful and symptoms include bleeding and inflammation of the gums. If treated correctly, the initial stages of gum disease are reversible-although to reverse or halt the progression of gum disease may require several visits. To keep your teeth in a healthy condition also requires dedication from you at home.

Proper dental and oral hygiene will prevent plaque build up, and by so doing periodontal disease, so you can enjoy a healthy mouth and an attractive smile. Your oral health may also effect your general health and there fore is extremely important to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

The hygienist works with the dentist to provide care tailored to your needs.

If you are worried about your teeth and gums then do make an appointment with us to put your mind at rest. We will be delighted to see you. Having your teeth and gums seen by our dental team doesn’t hurt and is an integral part of your dental routine when you visit the dentist.

Our dental hygienists can also do fissure sealants (preventative coatings on vulnerable teeth) and tooth whitening. All their work is dedicated to helping you enjoy a healthy mouth and an attractive smile.


Please note, we charge a £45 fee for any missed hygienist appointments.