Private Health Care Plans

The experience of many dentists in the UK is that patients who join a dental health plan and pay for their private exam and hygiene appointments by monthly direct debit, keep dentally healthier than other patients.  These patients tend to keep to their recommended dental health check and hygiene appointment intervals better than others; their gum health keeps better, and they tend to need less restorative treatment as time goes on.

We encourage all our private patients to join our dental health plan, to spread the costs of essential dental visits.  There are a variety of plan options to suit the needs of individuals and our experienced staff can advise you on the best plan option for you based on your dental history.  For details of the different plans available, please click on the link below.

Why choose our dental health plans?

Regular dental health checks and hygiene visits will keep you healthier, and reduce your risks of problems and treatment needs as time goes on.

It makes the cost of going to the dentist more affordable allowing you to spread the costs of your dental and hygiene visits.

If you do need treatment, our dental health plan patients attract a 10% discount on all treatments including dental implants and cosmetic treatments such as tooth whitening.

Insurance cover is included in all dental health plans/practice membership plans, providing cover for Dental Trauma or Emergency Appointments (Worldwide), a payout in case of hospitalisation or oral cancer diagnosis, and in the event of redundancy.

Practice Plan provide our plans for us. Practice Plan are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority for the conduct of insurance mediation activities.

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