Our Children’s Teeth

We all love our children and would like to give them the best care we can. Therefore we recommend to get them familiar with us as soon as possible. This will let them get use to all the smells, noises and surroundings so that they are more relaxed with future visits.

In the early years we will provide you with guidance on how to look after your children’s teeth, dietary advice and a cleaning regime. As they grow older they might even benefit to see our hygienist for teeth cleaning and instructions.

We will also check to see if they may benefit from fluoride treatments, fissure sealants or orthodontic treatment.

We can provide them with sports mouthguards to protect their teeth against bumps during hockey, rugby or any contact sport.

During school holidays we have dedicated children days to help families to come together. Please ask reception for details.

We are dedicated to help you guide your child through their younger years so that they can be proud of their smile.

The British Dental Association also has lots of information you may find helpful.

Please be aware not all the services are available on the NHS. A full range of NHS services and further information can be found on the NHS Direct website