Private Fee Schedule

Our fee schedule is provided purely as a guide. Individual treatment plans will be provided, along with a detailed estimate.

The Gables Dental Practice | Private Fees from 1st February 2023


Extensive Examination (new patients): £110

(Including x-rays/radiographs)

Routine Examinations: £75

Child Examination 0-12s: £50

Child Examination 13-17s: £60


New Hygiene Patient 1 hour session: £170

Per 30min session: £85

30 min refresh & shine: £160

Missed/Failed to attend Hygiene Appointment: £45

Periodontal Consultation: £170

Implants: on quotation

Implant consultation: £110

single implant from £2,400 inc crown

Removal of implant: from £750

Bone Graft: £715

Emergency Appointments:

New Patient: £110 plus treatment

Existing Patient: £55 plus treatment


Composite (white) fillings: from £125

Amalgam (silver) fillings: from £100

Fissure sealants: from £45


metal crown: from £630

white crown: £750

gold crown: from £750

Bridges: on quotation


Simple: from £135

Complex: from £240

Specialist Extractions: from £350

Endodontic Treatment:(Root Canal treatment)  from £385

Teeth Whitening:

Take Home Whitening Kit (both jaws): from £435

Take Home Whitening Kit (single jaw): from £330


Single Acrylic Partial Denture: from £700

Single Full Denture: £900-£1200

Upper and Lower Denture: £2000

Metal & Peak Dentures: from £1200


Children’s sports mouth guards: from £ 60

Adult sports mouth guards: from  £110

Other mouth guards: from £275

SnoreGuards: from £600

Tanner Appliance/ Michigan Splint: £750

CT Scan:

CT single jaw: £220

CT both jaws: £240

Panoramic Radiograph: £75

External Radiographic Report: £60

Please note that this is a guideline only. All fees are subject to change at any time by the Practice.