Why is dental hygiene important?

Why is dental hygiene important?

We all know the drill… brush your teeth twice a day or better yet, brush them after every meal.

But did you know according to research done by yougov.co.uk “three in ten Brits (29%) say that they only brush their teeth on one occasion each day. Most people (59%) follow the standard practice of brushing their teeth twice daily, while a further 8% brush their teeth three times or more. A further one in fifty Brits (or 2%) say they don’t brush their teeth at all on a typical day.”

Wether you are the diligent type or you’ve been neglecting your oral health it is important to know why Oral Care should be part of your daily routine. 

1. Good oral care reduces the risk of Gum Disease and Dental Decay.

2. New research has shown the link between gum disease and cancer. You are 14% more likely to develop cancer if you have a history of gum disease.

3. Bad oral hygiene can lead to a build-up of bacteria in your mouth which can then enter your blood stream and can put you at risk for, diabetes, a heart attack or a stroke. 

(Read more at dentalhealth.org)

If these 3 reasons weren’t convincing enough then there is also the more superficial reasons;

4. Bad oral care leads to bad smelling breath (halitosis). And don’t think people won’t notice now that we all wear masks, the smell filters through. 

5. Shiny clean teeth are a lot more appealing than teeth that haven’t seen a tooth brush in a while. 


– Brush well, not hard. 

– Brush twice a day – always before bedtime.

– Clean interdentally daily.

– Visit your dentist & hygienist routinely.

– If routine appointments are delayed during the pandemic, take time to look inside your mouth and contact us if you have any concerns.