The “New Normal”

The “New Normal”

Since our last newsletter update much has happened. At the time, we were preparing to get ready for re-opening for face to face appointments again.

Now, almost 2 and a half months later, lots have changed as we continually follow the guidelines in place to protect each other. This has not been without its challenges, e.g. after each AGP’s (aerosol generated procedures- treatment involving drilling- procedures where a spray is produced that contains droplets or aerosols of saliva typically with a high-speed handpiece such as a filling, crown and ultrasonic cleaning), we must leave our treatment rooms for an hour depending on the airflow changes per hour=fallow time.

  • We have seen most of our patients in need, although we are still only operating 3 out of 6 surgeries due to the increased protocol and safeguarding that we must adhere to.
  • Our Personal Protective Equipment has increased significantly, which can be a struggle at times to get hold of, with the world in need of supplies too. We may look a little scary in our PPE at times, but rest assured, it is still the same team behind the masks.
  • Our hygienists are also operating again, albeit more restricted by doing majority hand descaling and removal of plaque. This may well change soon.

With this in mind, please bear with us as we adapt to this new world

 Safety Measures:

We have put extra safety measures in place for you and our staff’s welfare.

  • Installation of protective screens at reception, which we all think are the best-looking screens in Cambridge- in collaboration and with compliments to Go Glass. 
  • New hand sanitiser stations at strategic points.
  • Temperature checks on arrival for all staff and patient’s.
  • A new patient portal has been created to reduce time and paper within the practice, we ask for email and mobile numbers to be kept up to date, to allow access to this patient portal.
  • A one-way system is also in place, however, during adverse weather this may have to be adapted. 
  • Communal areas have been simplified and all non-essential items removed.
  • Air-purifiers have been placed in strategic, areas to help reducing the risk of pathogens. 
  • Wipeable clinipads for updates, signatures and treatment plans are in place. 

We are still prioritising any patient with an urgent problem, those that required treatment before lockdown, and new problems such as broken teeth. We will try to reduce contact times and will aim to do as much as possible during your appointment with your consent. 

Due to time constraints and surgery availability, we are reducing our NHS exams for those with higher needs and problems. 

Our private and plan patients (which are generally longer appointments) and telephone triaging will be continued as an initial start to appointments where needed. 

             Therefore, we ask of you: please be patient if we postpone your routine exams. You will NOT be deregistered because we have not been able to see you during the pandemic. If you do have a problem, please call or send an e-mail and if possible a photo (selfie) of the problematic tooth or area, to help us with triaging.

  • Please arrive as near as possible to your appointment time, give yourself time to fill in forms if you couldn’t manage prior to your appointment, however, please arrive to early, as we can’t let you come into the practice before your appointment time. 
  • If possible, arrive alone, do not bring family members unless they have an appointment as well – except children under 17 accompanying by a parent or those that require carers.
  • Try not to bring handbags, rucksacks or shopping with you- you may be asked to leave these outside the surgery. 
  • Arrive with a mask and leave with a mask covering your mouth. Some patients are exempt of wearing masks due to medical or mental reasons, please be kind to them, and wear yours.

      A TIP: for patients with hearing aids hook the 2 loops with an elastic band together behind your head.

  • Use common sense- e.g. sometimes it is not so easy to maintain 2m social distancing, so step aside, turn to the side to let someone else by. 
Other updates: 

Dayna, our hygienist had a baby boy in June of this year. Congratulations to her and her husband. Dayna will be returning at the end of November. Tiffany is moving up North end of September. 

Grace, one of our dental nurse’s has been accepted for a place at University to become a Hygienist. We wish her all the best for the future and hope to see her one day back as a hygienist. 

Talking of which, we welcome back Laura who herself was a dental nurse at the practice and is now returning as a hygienist.

We also say good-bye to Rushabh, our Foundation Dentist who will venturing further in dentistry, while we welcome Rozanne Nolte to replace Rushabh in this 1 year post. 

Finally, we want to thank you all for your patience and support during this time.

We all adapt and try to make the best of the situation despite often lack of clarity. Please keep an eye on the website. We will put notices and important documents on there for you to keep you up to date.